The Nokia Skypark is 5 minutes’ walk from the Corvin-negyed metro station and the 4/6 tram stop.

When arriving from the Corvin metro stop, you will find Corvin Plaza behind the Corvin Cinema. Walk through to the exit of the Plaza and continue along Corvin Promenade until you reach the Nokia Skypark. If you are approaching from the Klinikák metro station, walk straight along Szigony Street to the Nokia Skypark.

The 9 and 909E bus stops and the 83 trolley bus stop are located along Baross Street and are all within walking distance of the building.

The Nokia Skypark building’s car park can be accessed at 53 Práter Street, while the entrance to the underground garage is at 57 Práter Street.


By car:

Travelling from Kálvin Square on Üllői Road, at the Ferenc Körút junction turn left onto József Körút, then right onto Práter Street. Go straight on Práter Street until you reach the Nokia Tower.

Travelling by car from Petőfi Bridge on Ferenc Körút, after the junction take the first turning right into Práter Street, then go straight until you reach the Nokia Tower.

Travelling by car from Klinikák on Üllői Road, continue until the Ferenc Körút junction, then turn right and keep going until you reach the first street on the right, then turn onto Práter Street and go straight until you reach the Nokia Tower.

Travelling on Futó Street, to reach the Nokia Tower turn onto Üllői Road in the direction of Nagyvárad Square, take the next left onto Nagytemplom Street, then turn onto Tömő Street. Travel along Tömő Street before turning left onto Bókai Street and continue until you reach the Nokia Tower.